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Case Studies
Continental Conair Limited
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Continental Conair Limited was seeking a full-featured and highly-automated Human Resources Management System (HRMS) to replace the rudimentary system that had limited scalability and suffered from bad maintenance problems. COL and WTT were entrusted to securely and efficiently migrate and centralise all critical data while conforming to the headquarters’ stringent security compliance.
COL and WTT helped Conair tailor-design an end-to-end, versatile and robust portfolio of IT solutions encompassing HRMS implementation, ISO-certified data centre services, and 24/7 managed security services. Conair has substantially reduced routine tasks and streamlined delivery of HR services whilst safeguarding mission-critical data in compliance with first-class security regulations.
Innovating HR Service Delivery with COL’s HR Pro
Conair Makes Strides in Automating HR Routines and Builds an Indestructible Bulwark against Cyber-threats

Have you ever been bombarded with queries about leave balances and attendance figures while dealing with piles of paperwork and arduous payroll processes? To cut through the aggravating red tape, Continental Conair Limited decided to embark on its digital transformation journey with COL and WTT. Continental Conair Limited is a regional subsidiary of Conair Corporation, which has achieved predominant market share in haircare in the US and operates more than 10 regional branches worldwide.  

“Digitalisation is on the rise,” said Cally Chan, who coordinates the whole project. “Many organisations have already deployed a hybrid of technologies to enhance work productivity and operational efficiency.” However, their previous system provider could not stay abreast of the fast-changing workforce landscape and ceased to provide HRMS maintenance. “After thorough consideration of system functionality, service quality, and cost, there is no doubt that COL is our reliable solution partner,” Cally contended.

A Marvellous Makeover of the Employee Self-service Platform

The modernised ESS platform enhances agility and efficiency with intuitive access to HR services across all devices. Employees can now check leave balances and attendance records anytime, anywhere. Cally shared, “Leave requests submitted by subordinates are automatically routed to managers for approval. Supervisors track leave status and deploy their taskforces strategically so HR doesn’t have to be involved anymore.” With HR Pro, delivery of HR services is now a highly visible, interactive and efficient process. “A wide spectrum of HR services is digitalised, standardised and easily accessible on a user-friendly ESS platform, personalising employee experience with assorted functionality and real-time insights,” is Cally’s appraisal.  

Constituting an Impenetrable Shield against Cyberattacks

It has come to Conair Corporation’s attention that cyberattacks have increased sharply. “Data security is of paramount importance. In Conair, protection of personnel data is always placed at the top of the agenda,” Cally told us. To adhere to the headquarters’ multiple security requirements, COL’s professional team quickly improved the solution framework by hosting remote servers at ISO-certified data centres and adopting Asure Security.

Asure Security is WTT’s managed information security service in full compliance with stringent security regulations and rigorous authority policies, composed of top-of-class UTM firewall, advanced threat prevention (ATP) technologies and round-the-clock security operations centres (SOC) administrated by certified security professionals. Together with COL’s carrier-grade data centres certified with an array of ISO recognitions and up to Tier 3+ international standards, WTT and COL served as captains to provide Conair with an intelligent and end-to-end portfolio from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS). “In the past, we had to carry out test simulations regularly at distant sites to confirm HR services were in line with our headquarters’ security requirements. Now, riding on COL’s robust server hosting services and WTT’s unparalleled security management, we have more time to focus on strategic goal achievement and advanced workforce planning in a hassle-free environment.” Cally told us. “We know we can count on COL’s professional team, which has strong domain know-how and field-proven experience. They are responsible and responsive to queries, overcoming challenges with great ability.”

“We are dedicated to sharing this fruitful experience with our business acquaintances and HR practitioners without reservation,” Cally concluded.