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The existing Learning Management System at the Hong Kong Red Cross (“HKRC”) lack the capability to seamlessly integrate with other internal systems, meant time-intensive manual data input/output which increased the potential for human error. Such limitations constrained HKRC’s ambition to broadly expand its education and training services through e-Learning.
COL implemented the Cornerstone Learning Management System to provide an integrated learning solution that interfaces smoothly with HKRC's internal administrative systems, spanning from enrollment and payment processes to course development, progress monitoring, and exam results. By optimising operational workflows, the rollout of training services can be managed quickly to support diverse initiatives and ensure learners have consistent, unrestricted access to resources, anytime and anywhere.
Advancing Humanity's Growth and Public Education through a Comprehensive Learning Management Solution
[In Collaboration: COL and Cornerstone OnDemand assist Hong Kong Red Cross to enhance e-Learning]

It’s not unusual for companies to prioritise learning support for employees, but now many are going a step further and training and upskilling external partners, business associates, members and even volunteers through an e-learning platform.

Hong Kong Red Cross (“HKRC”), a pivotal humanitarian entity in the global landscape since 1950, identified critical challenges in its existing Learning Management System (“LMS”), such as incompatibility and ineffective courseware data management. These challenges impeded its broader mission of educational service expansion through e-Learning.

In a significant collaborative effort, COL and Cornerstone were selected to provide a solution. The introduction of the Cornerstone LMS offered HKRC a seamless integration with their internal systems, optimizing workflow, improving user engagement, and amplifying the reach of their educational initiatives.

“We chose Cornerstone LMS, after rigorous comparison amongst local and overseas LMS, due to its product readiness for internal employees and external partners, running on a hassle-free cloud platform and meeting our needs by configuration,” said Mr. Calvin Ching, Head of Information Technology Service of HKRC.

“It is worth mentioning that COL local consultants are at the same pace with us without language barrier and knowing well our requirements and system configuration, which effectively minimized the turnaround time including further support from Cornerstone,” Calvin added.

Despite the operational hurdles brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the collective dedication of HKRC, COL, and Cornerstone ensured the project's timely and effective implementation. As a testament to the project's success and the unwavering support from COL, HKRC looks ahead to further e-Learning expansions.