Expense Claim System

No matter what size of your company is, there are always expense claims – from petty cash, social networking to overseas business trips. To keep expenditure items meticulously recorded, COL’s eClaim Pro is your perfect companion, empowering enterprises with cost-effective financial management and budget control capacities.

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Quick and Easy Configuration

Easy-to-navigate Interface

VAT and Withholding Tax Calculation

Effortless Tracking

Comprehensive Overview

Reporting at a Glance


Automated Approval Processes

  • Claim requests automatically routed to managers for approval

Mobile Access

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Manage, track and review expense claims whenever with just a few clicks

Digitised Management

  • Eradicate hassles arising from blurred, hasty, careless handwriting
  • Required information accurately, completely entered
  • Costs of time and administration reduced
  • Paperless


  • Reduced IT costs from IT infrastructure to system upgrade and maintenance fees
  • Bolstered business continuity with all corporate data and expense claim records always backed up and protected

Fit for Companies of All Sizes

  • Design the best-fit solution for your specific business needs

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