COL Case Studies

Case Studies

COL continues to be a reliable and trustworthy partner of all enterprises in driving successful digital transformation.

Hong Kong Red Cross

COL implemented the Cornerstone Learning Management System to provide an integrated learning solution that interfaces smoothly with HKRC's internal administrative systems, spanning from enrollment and payment processes to course development, progress monitoring, and exam results. By optimising operational workflows, the rollout of training services can be managed quickly to support diverse initiatives and ensure learners have consistent, unrestricted access to resources, anytime and anywhere.

Hitachi Capital (HK) Limited

COL helped Hitachi Capital HK migrate smoothly to a modern, full-featured, and scalable HRMS coupled with an employee self-service (ESS) platform. The newly implemented HRMS automates their workflows and minimises HR administrative processes, consequently greatly enhancing productivity and efficiency. It is a perfect and sustainable upgrade in preparation for future growth.

Continental Conair Limited

COL and WTT helped Conair tailor-design an end-to-end, versatile and robust portfolio of IT solutions encompassing HRMS implementation, ISO-certified data centre services, and 24/7 managed security services. Conair has substantially reduced routine tasks and streamlined delivery of HR services whilst safeguarding mission-critical data in compliance with first-class security regulations.

Convoy Global Holdings Limited

A systemised, automated, scalable, and centralised Human Resources Management System (HRMS) was implemented to ensure a sustainable and efficient HR structure.

Dah Sing Bank

COL’s end-to-end enterprise capturing solution was deployed featuring document scanning, auto-classification, queue management, data capturing, and integration with Dah Sing’s bank systems.

Pacific Cross Insurance Company Limited

COL has helped Pacific Insurance to develop, implement and run the HBMS at COL's data centre. By centralising, standardising, and automating work processes in one single system, OPEX is trimmed, data security is enhanced, and work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Bupa (Asia) Limited

COL runs and supports the production systems for Bupa, while maintaining a set of backup equipment at different site. In addition to disaster recovery planning, COL has helped Bupa review and develop a continuity plan with regular drill to ensure the plan is up-to-date.

The Bank of East Asia

The new HR self-service solution will eventually enable all employees to access and manage their leave schedules, rosters, OT claims, attendance records, and other HR matters.

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