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2024 HR Workshop: Technologies X MBTI Personalities - Attract and Retain Talents

COL has successfully held an HR Workshop under the theme “Technologies X MBTI Personalities - Attract and Retain Talents” at HKIHRM on March 22.

The HR professionals responded positively to our speakers’ presentations on the innovative “HR Mobile Apps” and “Recruiting Management System”.

In addition, our guest speaker 「Joshua」 provided helpful and practical recommendations for maximizing the application of the MBTI 16-type personality test at the workplace.

We truly appreciate all your great support.

Chill-chat & Learn 2023 Networking Seminar and Solution Showcase

Theming as “Chill-chat & Learn 2023”, COL has recently organized a networking event under a relaxing environment at Brick Lane on 17 November, introducing our latest HRMS and Learning solutions to HR and IT professionals and gained positive feedback and support.

Our honourable  guest speaker from PwC had also shared the and gained positive feedback and support.  2023 cyber threat landscape in Hong Kong, alerting us the new attacking models of Threat Actor and increasing number of victims.  Organizations  have raised the awareness of taking strong precautions against cyber threat from these lessons learned. 

We all have a joyful and fruitful Friday afternoon with informative takeaways.

HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar 2023

COL is very pleased to participate in the HKIHRM “Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar 2023” held on October 19. Comparing the annual base pay adjustment by business sector, “Healthcare” (4.3%) topped the list of average base salary adjustment increases by industry, along with “Logistics & Transportation” (4.3%), followed by “Building  Engineering & Construction” (4.2%) in second place. The survey also projects the average salary increase next year in 2024 will be 4.1% (5.4% GBA), which is more ideal than the previous year.

Hong Kong enterprises and employers have faced severe labour shortage amid outbound migration and the increasing labour cost across industries.  Under the challenging labour market, the speakers completely shared their insights and experiences with support from the research and survey, to assist HR professionals and companies in “Attracting and Retaining Talent”– the theme of the seminar.  

HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2023

COL is thrilled to be a part of this year's HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition with the theme "Blueprint for Success: The Rise of Talent in Hong Kong." It is an amazing opportunity to greet visionary HR professionals and reconnect with friends in the industry. Speakers and panelist have given valuable insights covering workforce and workplace trends, hiring difficulties and solutions, diversity and inclusive with multi-generations and people of differences. Mr Wong Kam Po, a former world champion cyclist, has underscored his passion and time are the keys to success. Truly thanks to those who came to visit our booth, we all have fun!

COL New Office Grand Opening Party

We are delighted to announce that our office has been successfully relocated to APM, Kwun Tong in January 2023, just before the Chinese New Year. Continuing the festive atmosphere, we have organized a grand opening party to celebrate with colleagues, long term partners and supporters. It’s so relaxing, joyful and cordial. Really like an old friend, freely chit chat, eat and drink, and taking photos. At the end, each guest received a small gift of “iBakery – Social Enterprise” cookies in supporting the people with disabilities.

Truly thanks for everyone’s presence in the party and even those who cannot join.  You have given us a great support as always. 

HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar 2022

We are very pleased to continuing support and sponsor the “HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar” this year on 20th Oct.  The “Pay Trend Survey Results Highlights” section is still the spotlight of the whole event.  Surprisingly, the results have shown that the “Banking & Financial Services” sector was only at the 2nd highest annual base pay adjustment (4.5%) in 2022, while “Telecommunication, Multi-media & Technology” sector has largely exceeded it to the top at (9.8%).  The positive average annual base pay adjustment is continually projected to 2023 at (3.6%).

The seminar has also covered the “Great Resignation” and “Labour Shortage”  challenges with solutions to retaining talents and sourcing alternative talent pools.   The recent rising trend of “Lying Flat” and “Quiet Quitting” are quietly affecting the current employee engagement at work where we must pay more attention to.

HKiHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2021/22

The hybrid mode of HKiHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition was successfully kicked off on 7 Sept.  COL has joined the one day physical conference to support HKiHRM 45th anniversary and get a chance meeting with HR Professionals in-person.   But that’s not the end, various insightful webinar sessions have been arranged throughout September to continue equipping HR.

The HR Excellence Award Ceremony 2021/2022 is also part of the event to recognize the winning practitioners and companies who had achieved success through outstanding people strategies and practices.  This has aroused our memories at the time we attained the “Excellent HR Information System Provider Award” in 2014.  Our commitments in service quality and customer success always come first with no compromise. 

HR Magazine L&DERSHIP - Cultivating tomorrow's talent

What a successful face-to-face seminar organized by HR Magazine last Friday, which is the first HR event we’ve co-joined with our partner “Cornerstone OnDemand” this year.  Keynote speakers had given various valuable insights on cultivating tomorrow’s talent.  Future HR must be data driven, stay up-to-date and be a company’s brand;  able to drive personalized learning journeys in the organization gradually in 3 stages, EXCITE -> ENGAGE -> EMBED.

We and all participants enjoyed this interactive event with fruitful information, delicious meal, lucky draw and champagne networking to end up the Happy Friday.

COL x Kagile Webinar "Workforce x Workplace Transformation - Turning Challenges into Opportunities"

Despite the Omicron outbreak, COL and Kagile had successfully co-organized a webinar  “Workforce x Workplace Transformation - Turning Challenges into Opportunities” in March.  Speakers shared the latest HR and Digital Workplace trends, and introduced how AI-enabled technologies drive self-driven employee and business partner growth.  ESG topics were also covered in relation to HR and Workplace.   

HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar 2021

iHRM has successfully organized the “PHYSICAL” Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar 2021 in October and COL was honoured to participate and had chance mingling with HR professionals and friends.

One of the key agendas covered the iHRM pay trend survey results which shown an average salary increase of a modest 1.0% this year for HK employees, but the real base pay adjustment hit -0.4% after subtracting the inflation rate, the first time it dipped below 0% in 10 years. Looking forward to 2022, 3% average salary increment has be projected from 37% company's response.

Apart from this, different speakers were invited to share their insights and experiences for the Employee Health and Well-being, ESG Plan, permanent hybrid work model/ remote work, etc. At the closing keynote session, Mr CHENG (Acting Managing Director of Mandaory Provident Fund Schemes Authority) has shown his team’s strong dedication to the launch of eMPF open platform in 2025. 

'Positive Language' in the Digital Age X AI Workforce Management Workshop

COL kicked off the fresh new year with the informative workshop, 'Positive Language' in the Digital Age X AI Workforce Management, introducing a house of technologies for effective mobile workforce management. Our featured speaker also shared a variety of pragmatic approaches to cultivating a pleasant workplace ambience. Our guests were fascinated with the marvel of AI job assignment and intrigued by the power of positive communication mindsets. 

HKIHRM Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar 2018

COL took part in HKIHRM’s 2018 Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar with over 250 HR professionals and C-suite executives to explore the latest salary trends. The highlights concluded that the average rise of the wage level is expected to be 3.2%. 

With a keen eye for the latest trends in the industry, COL is dedicated to innovating its products and services. The flagship and award-winning HRMS automating payroll management receives endorsements across sectors, owing to its field-proven strength in assisting HR professionals to comply with stringent ordinances and regulations effectively.

"Employees' Mental Health X A.I. Talent Management: Perfecting Your Workplace with Pleasure and Productivity" Workshop

Carrying the theme, "Employees' Mental Health X A.I. Talent Management: Perfecting Your Workplace with Pleasure and Productivity", COL's quarterly workshop drew HR professionals and C-suite executives under one roof to delve into the wonder of A.I. roster management and the pioneering mobile attendance application. The sophisticated EAP expert also shared useful tips for perfecting mental healthcare management in workplaces. The participants expressed deep interest in how our technologically-advanced services can help to propel efficiency of work and morale.

Greater China Talent Management Summit’s Greater China Talent Management Summit gathered more than 200 HR professionals and corporate leaders under the roof to explore strategies to attract, manage and retain the millennial workforce. COL, as an exhibitor of the summit, showcased how its flagship award-winning HRMS, HR Pro automates workforce planning and talent administration with advanced report generation, user-defined performance appraisal functions, etc. The managerial executives were fascinated with how COL’s fully-fledged HR Pro enhances efficiency of daily routines.

Classified Post HR Conference

Themed “Rewards and Wellness: Better Ways for Motivation and Engagement”, Classified Post’s HR Conference had assembled more than 150 HR professionals and C-Suite executives to share knowledge and insights of reward systems, effective ways to motivate and engage workforce across generations, etc.

COL, exhibitor of the event, seized the opportunity to introduce its flagship award-winning HRMS, HR Pro, demonstrating how the automated system helps drive human capital management from efficiency to excellence. The professionals engaged with our team and expressed their enthusiasm in how our full suite of HRMS equips employees with boosted efficiency and productivity.

In the era of digitalisation, formulating, managing and executing rewards strategies has become a major challenge. Regarding the enhanced complexity, COL’s HR Pro is geared up with strict compliance with local employment ordinance & regulations, receiving standing endorsements from companies of all sizes.

Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2018

Cloud, an innovative IT paradigm that equips businesses with omnipresent access to shared pools of configurable resources, has surged its prevalence in the IT industry. Drawing attention to more than 10,000 IT professionals and managerial executives, the annual magnificent event, Cloud Expo Asia, where COL partnered with its parent company WTT, provided a superb platform to showcase the latest cloud solutions and business applications. COL’s cloud-based expense claim management system, eClaim Pro empowers users with claim procedure automation and paperless claims management, receiving overwhelming interest from delegates.

COL also seized the opportunity to introduce its predominant business application portfolio ranging from the award-winning HRMS, HR Pro to the holistic DMS, Doc:brary. Delegates showed tremendous interest in how our applications featuring automation, ESS and mobile apps can help enterprises boost efficiency and enhance analytical power as well as to significantly enhance competitiveness.

"Business Etiquette X Innovative HR Technologies: Shaping a Pleasant and Productive Workplace" Workshop

COL “Business Etiquette X Innovative HR Technologies: Shaping a Pleasant and Productive Workplace” workshop had received overwhelming support with a full house, gathering HR and Management professionals across different fields. Apart from showcasing COL’s latest HRMS solutions, Dr. Nickel Leung, etiquette expert, was invited to share tips with the professionals on how decent business etiquettes can help create a harmonious workplace by enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Classified Post & WTW The Future is NOW Breakfast Seminar

The Breakfast Seminar, themed “The Future is Now”, gathered topnotch HR professionals across different fields to discuss the future of work and employee wellness together with industry experts. COL, award-winning HRMS service provider, endeavours to provide best-of-breed solutions with futuristic visions. We showcased our flagship crowned HR Pro, as well as a range of focused, functional IT applications. The participants expressed great interest in how our HRMS products empower HR decision makers with fact-based analytics and strategic workforce planning functionality.

HR Magazine Conference

With the theme “The future of total rewards and employee wellness”, HR Magazine Conference, where COL is entitled the gold sponsor, had drawn attention to more than 200 HR professionals, exploring the future of HR management with renowned experts in the HR industry. COL introduced to the professionals its flagship and award-winning HRMS, HR Pro, as well as a range of topnotch, holistic HR applications. The participants showed keen interest in how HR Pro helps formulate effective strategies with its multidimensional and fact-based HR analytics.

8th CIO Leadership Forum

Well attended by over 200 C-level delegates, the 8th CIO Leadership Forum dedicated in optimising business leadership to the latest technology. COL and WTT, as one of the sponsors, seized the opportunity to bring forward the latest business applications and ICT solutions at the Forum and received very positive responses. Delegates expressed great interest in our solutions and enjoyed insightful discussions with our professional team.

Employer of Choice Award 2017

COL takes pride in being the first HRMS service provider to win the “HR Service Provider Award” at JobMarket’s Employer of Choice Award 2017. COL gathered with the HR community at the award ceremony to receive the award and celebrate its success.

"Create a People-centric and Productive" Workplace with Technologies Workshop

Themed “Create a People-centric and Productive Workplace with Technologies”, the Workshop gathered a packed house of HR and Management professionals on January 25th 2018, to discuss how HR can foster better employee engagement and talent retention, together with COL’s latest technologies to create a productive workplace.

HKIHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017

Themed "Work 4.0: Innovation • Agility • Productivity", HKIHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition 2017 was well-attended by more than 1,700 HR professionals. As an exhibitor at the event, COL introduced the flagship award-winning HR management system, and shared insights with the delegates on how to automate human resources processes effectively. HR professionals enthusiastically engaged with our team to enquire about our services, as well as participated in our lucky draw and all walked away with exciting gifts.

HKIHRM Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar 2017

Pay Trend and Benefits Seminar gathered 230 HR professionals under the roof to discuss the current salary and employee benefits trend. COL exhibited as a Gold Sponsor and showcased the award-winning HRMS HR Pro. The delegates have expressed great interest in how our HRMS empowers employees with higher efficiency and productivity.

“Your Choice to Reduce Cost Smartly” Workshop

COL partnered with data centre expert TmaxSoft Hong Kong and AWS Premier Consulting Partner eCloudvalley to organise “Your Choice to Reduce Cost Smartly” Workshop on October 20th 2017. Speakers from COL, TmaxSoft and eCloudvalley discussed with the participants how enterprise can leverage data centre and cloud technologies to reduce operational cost.

“Get your HR Mobile Toolbox Ready for the e-Generation” HR Workshop

Themed “Get your HR Mobile Toolbox Ready for the e-Generation”, the HR Workshop gathered a packed house of HR professionals across industries on September 14th 2017, to discuss ways to boost young employees’ productivity and engagement. Exchanging insights and experiences with our speakers, participants came away the event with better understanding of young employees, and how HR can foster better employees engagement, together with COL’s Employee Self-service (ESS) platform to support more effective workflows.

Uplift Employees’ Capabilities with EASE: Systemise Training & Development Management by HRMS & e-Learning

The need for continuous training and development of employees is surging in face of the fierce competition in the business arena nowadays. How do we identify the individual training needs, and implement the appropriate training courses in a cost-effective and quality manner that can benefit both our employees and the business in a long run? COL and Cyberwisdom, a leading e-learning services provider, jointly organised a workshop to introduce a systematic way to manage employees’ training and development needs using advanced HRMS, HR analytics tools and e-training modules.