HR Management System

COL’s HR Pro® , the award-winning HRMS, is a one-stop solution to drive human capital from efficiency to excellence for companies of all sizes.

HR Pro 10, an advanced level to achieve the excellence in HR User Experience, Employee Experience, Mobility and Interoperability.

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Automated HR Routines

  • HR Pro® impeccably automates routine administration and talent management, as well as streamlines HR processes throughout the entire lifecycle of every employee. Significant time and administrative costs can thus be reduced.

Error-free Calculations with Full Legal Compliance

  • Stringent compliance with laws, employment ordinances plus user-defined rules ensures accurate payroll management, fringe benefits and reward distribution in a hassle-free environment.

Employee-centric Platform with High Transparency

  • COL's employee self-service platform (ESS) streamlines HR service delivery processes and automates approval workflows. The latest innovation riding on tablets and mobile devices enables agile management anytime, anywhere.

Uplifting Strategic Planning and Decision-making Capabilities

  • HR Pro®’s advanced functionalities enable a panoramic oversight of human capital management and maintain sustainable talent pipelines. End-user reporting and multi-dimensional HR diagnostics also facilitate fact-based workforce analysis for strategic planning and informed decision making.

All-in-one Management

  • The standard HR Pro® is an all-inclusive and ever-advancing HRMS that incorporates all essential and advanced capacities from talent administration to business analytics. Employee P-files and HR-related data are all well-documented and orchestrated from one convenient place, and protected with our ISO certified security management services.

High Availability for System Integration and Scalability

  • We understand the hassles of management across multiple software platforms. On requests, COL’s CMMI Level 3 certified professional team offers customisation and system integration services to align with industry-specific practices and user requirements, devising a genuine all-in-one management interface to elevate your user experience.

Talent Administration & Payroll Management

Automate employee administration and enhance efficiency of daily routines

  • Compliance with local employment ordinance & regulations including EO713, EO418 & MWO
  • Multi-company, multi-currency & multi-country calendars
  • Configurable parameters and user-defined formulas for payroll calculation, including allowances, rewards, commission, bonus, and more
  • Bank auto-pay, MPF/ORSO & IR form handling
  • Cost allocation
  • Special handling of employee separation and calculation of separation pay
  • Reminder page on important tasks for HR users, e.g. contract renewal, probation review, etc.
  • User-defined leave code, leave group & leave package settings
  • Multi-level security, role-based access right & sensitive field control
  • Support PRC payroll

PRC Payroll

Consolidate PRC accounts in the all-in-one HR Pro®

  • Calculation of social insurance and management
  • User-defined benefit packages, social welfare base number, etc. for multi-city welfare calculation
  • Support user-defined formula for payment items
  • Multi-payroll per month for tax consolidation
  • Year-end bonus with tax allocation
  • Support batch-upload of payment items
  • Monthly salary data is automatically uploaded to the self-service intranet for employees to browse and download
  • Comprehensive standard reports including salary, tax and social welfare reports
  • Multi-company and multi-currency payroll management

Employee Self-service Portal

Streamline HR service delivery and automate approval workflows via web browser

  • View and update employee personal details according to approval settings
  • Update personal particulars such as education, professional qualifications, marital status, bank accounts, correspondence addresses and so on
  • Download payslip & IR56B form, timesheets and appraisal reports
  • Leave application & approval with subordinate leave plans in Gantt chart and calendar formats
  • Online status tracking and approval workflow overview of leave application, performance appraisal, training course acquisition & headcount requisition
  • Email alert on approval workflows

Mobile Application

Full spectrum of HR mobile services including employee, payslip, leave and attendance management

  • Deliver HR services and company’s announcements through native Mobile Apps to stay connected with the team closely
  • View employee record under personalized dashboard
  • Track, record and manage attendance instantly and remotely
  • Apply and approve leave anytime anywhere with the shared team’s leave schedule

Training Management

Facilitate strategic talent management and maintain sustainable talent pipelines

  • Training course, class & session settings with nomination & enrollment functions
  • Hassle-free management of enrollment to multiple training sessions, with auto-generating widgets of waitlists and withdrawals
  • Record course attendance, examination results and update staff training history for managers to track staff performances
  • The easy-to-navigate interface allows barrier-free, intuitive access for your staff to access to the integrated multimedia learning materials on the ESS portal
  • Email alerts of scheduled training sessions to employees for effective notification to secure attendance
  • Establish guidelines for employees to complete goals and objectives to align with deliverables and competency at work

Attendance Management

Track, record, and manage attendance accurately, meticulously, and instantly

  • Support integration with time-clock systems and user-defined rosters for attendance management
  • Support employee round-the-clock view and self-updates on missing attendance and inappropriate records with email alerts
  • Set a start date and an end date as a specified duration of work for agile attendance management
  • One-click workforce optimisation with AI techniques for intelligent job assignment and high-productivity duty roster generation
  • Beacon, GPS and facial recognition technologies for verification and authenticity of attendance record
  • Support centralisation of attendance from mobile workforces and multiple workstations
  • Real-time tracking and management available

Managerial Strategic Analysis

Unlock HR data to make timely fact-based HR decisions for company growth

  • Pre-built dashboards with data drill-down & associative search
  • In-depth multi-dimensional analysis of HR data for strategic human capital planning
  • Report generation of multiple formats
  • Excel interface with batch import and export functions

Performance Appraisal Management

All-round appraisal assessments for greater human capital growth

  • Configure multiple appraisal cycles, including multi-layer approval chains and submission dates
  • User-defined performance appraisal form with individual goal, priority, deliverables, competency & development plan settings
  • Support performance score ratings and weighting in line with company specific requirements and user-defined settings
  • Pre-built appraisal templates and useful phrases for holistic performance evaluation
  • Support two-way appraisal reviews including employee ratings and manager ratings for positive workplace communication
  • Email notification & forced ranking functions
  • Past appraisal records available for review to draw effective comparisons and reflections

T.E.A.M. Feature Highlights

Talent Administration & Management

Employee Management

Leave Management

Payroll & Benefits

Taxation & MPF

China Payroll

End User Reporting

Employee Self-service Portal

(via web-based portal & mobile app)











Advanced Workforce Planning

Attendance Management

Performance Management

A.I. Roster Management

Training Management

Managerial Strategic Analysis

Enterprise-grade HR Analytics

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